The following organizations are recognized as Affiliates of the Sixteenth Century Society & Conference

American Friends of the Herzog August Bibliothek. Click here for more information about this organization.
American Society for Irish Medieval Studies
Biblia Sacra Research Group
Calvin Studies Society. Visit the Calvin Studies Society Website: CSS
Catholic Record Society. To visit the website Click Here
Center for Austrian Studies
Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Durham University
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Toronto. Visit the CRRS Website
Center for Renaissance Studies, Newberry Library. Visit the CRSN Website
Center for Research on Religion, McGill University. Visit the CREOR Website: CREOR
Arizona Center for Medieval and Reformation Studies, University of Arizona. Visit the CMRS Website
Ecclesiastical History Society. Visit the Society website by clicking here.
Erasmus of Rotterdam Society
Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär. Click here to visit the FNI Website
Hagiography Society
Herzog August Bibliothek. Click here to visit the library's Website
Historians of Netherlandish Art. Visit the HNA Website: HNA
Institut für Schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte, University of Zurich
Institute for Reformation Research, Theological University Apeldoorn
International Sidney Society
Italian Art Society
Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Visit Iter at
Medici Archive Project
Meeter Center for Calvin Studies. Visit the Meeter Center Website: Meeter Center
North American Organization of Scottish Historians
Peter Martyr Society & Peter Martyr Library
Princeton Theological Seminary, Reformation Department
Refo500. Visit the Refo 500 Website: Refo500
Renaissance Society of America. Visit the RSA Website: RSA
Richard Hooker Society
Society for Confraternity Studies. Visit the SCS Website: SCS
Society for Early Modern Catholic Studies
Society for Emblem Studies. Visit the SES Website
Society for Reformation Research. Visit the SRR Website: SRR
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing. Visit the website: SHARP
Society for the Study of Early Modern Women. Visit the SSEMW website: SSEMW