About This Award

This special award may be given once every five years to the member of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference who has done the most to promote and to advance the area of early modern studies. The recipient of the medal shall be chosen by a committee consisting of the Council of the SCSC with the president of SCSC serving as chair.

Criteria for selection may include:

  1. long-term commitment to the SCSC
  2. continued participation in the various activities of the SCSC
  3. significant contributions to the field through publications, papers, leadership, and support of younger scholars.

Nominations for the medal may be made by any member of the SCSC and should be directed to the President. Announcement of the award will be made by the president at the annual business meeting of the SCSC.

In 2012, the SCSC Medal was awarded to Professor Raymond Waddington, University of California, Davis. Professor Waddington was Senior Editor of the Sixteenth Century Journal and a long-time member of the Society.