About This Award

The SCSC Literature Prize is given for the best literature paper published in the Sixteenth Century Journal. The prize-winning article is selected by a committee of three conference members appointed by the president who shall designate one of the members as chair.

Criteria for selection include:

  1. quality and originality of research
  2. methodological skill and/or innovation
  3. development of fresh and stimulating interpretations or insights
  4. literary quality

Nominations for the prizes may be made by anyone and shall be sent to the Executive Director of the SCSC or the chair of the prize committee. The authors should sent three copies of their paper to the Executive Director of the SCSC by April. Announcement of the winning paper will be made by the chair of the committee at the annual business meeting of the conference and the winner will receive a $500.00 prize. Announcement of the winner will appear in The Sixteenth Century Journal.

Previous Winners