About This Award

Harold J. Grimm Prize, named for Professor Harold J. Grimm of Indiana and Ohio State Universities, author and scholar, pioneer in American Reformation Studies, one of the founders of the Society for Reformation Research, editor of the Archiv fur Reformationsgeschichte, as well as doctoral advisor and friend of many scholars, is awarded annually by the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference for the best article published during the previous year which reflects and sustains Grimm's lifelong search for a broad understanding of the Reformation as a fundamentally religious phenomenon which permeated the whole civilization of Europe in the Reformation Era. The prize is $500.00. Nominations for the prize may be made by anyone and shall be sent to the Executive Director of the SCSC or the chair of the prize committee. Three copies of the article are to be solicited from the author, or an electronic copy may be submitted by email to: conference@sixteenthcentury.org. All articles must be submitted by 1 April.

Articles published in ENGLISH in the previous calendar year in any journal qualify for the prize.

Announcement and award of the prize will be made by the chair of the prize committee at the annual business meeting of the SCSC. The Sixteenth Century Journal will print an announcement of the winner in the spring issue of it publication.

Previous Winners